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7 Posting

(This page updated 12/20/2013)

Posting Address:
  • This page applies only to "announcers".
  • Only "announcers" who have been given "posting privileges" can send messages. (This is an attempt to keep Spammers out.).


1. Your Posting Privileges:
  • This "privilege" allows you (as an announcer) to send messages to the 'AltoonaDance' Yahoo email Group (aka "The Listserver".
  • You send the message to the Listserver's address,  (case insensitive) just like you send email to anyone else.
  • The Listserver then resends a copy of your message to all 'subscribers' of the List.


2. Send Yourself A BCC:
  • We recommend you BCC yourself the first few messages.
  • You then will receive 2 copies: one directly from yourself, and one coming through the Listserver.
3. Two Notes For Your Address Book:
  • (a) Add a new address to your address book as follows:
        AltoonaDance-Listserver <>
  • (b) In the "notes" section for that address, make a note: "Posting privileges" will work only for my ONE address for which privileges were give.
  • You may have several other email addresses, but the Listserver will accept messages ONLY from the address given Posting privileges".
REASON for requesting that you do the above:
  • Us volunteer Listserver assistants waste a lot of TIME troubleshooting avoidable problems, because announcers either
  • (a) type the Listserver address wrong, or
  • (b) they send their message from a different (wrong) address if they have multiple addresses.

Additional Comments:

4. Archives, Delays, And Attachments

Archives - IMPORTANT:  
  •  Every message you send is given "eternal life" for out-of-town visitors or new residents to browse -- because it is "recorded" in the web page "Message Archives" .
  • These archives are at  . On this Yahoo page:  If you  use the "Conversations" link under the left corner of the photo, you should be able to view  announcements that have been sent.
  • You can verify your message reached the Listserver by checking these archives. I suggest you BOOKMARK this archive address.
  • There may be a DELAY between when you send the message, and the time when the Listserver "resends" it to all subscribers. 
  • Please do NOT resend the message MULTIPLE times, just because the Listserver doesn't resend it right away -- because subscribers will eventually get multiple copies.

Attachments:  Please avoid sending unnecessarily large attachments (over 1/2 MB), because large attachments will "choke" the modems of people having slower internet connections, and they may "unsubscribe" themselves.

5. Your Subject Line

Subject Line: This is up to you, but I suggest you try to include the date/subject/location in the subject line to better inform subscribers when they browse their message titles; for example:
  • Fri 5/30 Swing Workshop 7 pm @ Studio Nine, Altoona, or
  • Sat 5/31 Ballroom Dance 8 pm @ Motel 22, Duncansville
Subject Tag: Note that the Listserver will always add the "subject tag" of [AltoonaDance] at the beginning of the subject line, in front of whatever you type.

So for the above example, the subject line of a message you sent would look like this when you received it from the Listserver:
  • [AltoonaDance] Fri 5/30 Swing Workshop 7 pm @ Studio Nine, Altoona
Your BCC copy would look like this:
  • Fri 5/30 Swing Workshop 7 pm @ Studio Nine, Altoona    (Same thing, but without the "subject tag".
Most of the time, Yahoo also adds stuff on the bottom and right side.

6. Send Moderator A BCC If Problems:
  • If you have or anticipate PROBLEMS with the message not "posting", please send me a BCC when you try to send the message.   (My contact link is at bottom of this page.)
  • Any questions, of course, please phone me (the Listserver Assistant).  (My contact link for my voice mail number is at bottom of this page.)

7. Test Listserver (Optional)
  • There is also an optional "Test Listserver" you can use to send test messages to see how they look -- BEFORE you send them out to the actual AltoonaDance Listserver where everyone sees them.
  • If you want use this test system, then just subscribe to it in the usual manner, by sending a blank email (no subject, no body) to .  ((Make sure you then REPLY to confirm it.))
  • Please send me a 'CC' of your subscribe request, so I can look for your subscription request via Yahoo, and approve your membership. 
  •  ((I have been forced to set this test Listserver to "membership by approval", since all members can post on it, and SPAMMERS will send their garbage if I don't keep them out.))


8. Set Up A Mail Rule (Recommended)
  •  I would recommend setting up a "Mail Rule" in your email program, to automatically sort AltoonaDance messages -- either  into a separate mailbox or else delete them  -- so they don't CLUTTER up your INBOX.  ((Almost all email programs support "Mail Rules", sometimes called "Mail Filters".))
  • I suggest configuring your Mail Rule to look for "subject contains [AltoonaDance]".
  •  I suggest you name the separate mailbox "AltoonaDanceMsgs" or similar.